Had the incredible opportunity to spend a week with my childhood friend and unregistered brother — Chef Anthony Rose.

Anthony, having never sailed on an ocean before, never mind cooking in a sailboat galley, had the adventure of a lifetime. Maybe too much adventure.

Within 18 hours of Anthony arriving in Cannes, I took him for a 24 hour non-stop sea crossing from Cannes, France, to the Tuscan Coast. Even I had never done such a crossing before. We had gorgeous wind as we departed the Port Du Cannes at 5am but 8 hours in had to switch to engine power. As night fell the winds picked up and a lighting storm rolled in, but we thankfully missed the worst of it. By light-up the next morning we were both destroyed and were thankful to put anchor down for a few hours.

Was the most fantastic reunion that will now become an annual event.

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