I don’t really get a thrill out of giving my guests a high rating on the now infamous “guest rating” -it’s simply too much fun to abuse my power as captain and now blogger  -but it’s hard to give my first guest of the 2015 sailing season, Jason Aspes, anything lower than a 10. Boring, I know!

Despite the lack of hang-time together over the years, I consider Jason one of my close friends. Our 4 days on Esodo was the longest amount of time we have ever spent together outside work.

Jason has a successful career, three boys and a Malaysian / Chinese / Australian wife (that’s one wife, not three) who knows what he is thinking before he does – Love you Susie!!!

Me -being a spouse approved play-pal with a good track-record of not killing husbands and fathers (yet) Jason was permitted to come hang on Esodo.

Esodo is and was always meant to be a place to share with my community; an offering to my friends and family, a place to frolic in nature , be stupid and escape the frenzy of land. It’s almost like a social experiment and it’s working.

Jason and I had a great time; filling days dodging jellyfish , swimming in strong ocean currents, jumping dangerously from the boat on a halyard, climbing sharp rock cliff, walking barefoot on an island full of seagull carcass and poo, playing high-stakes UNO…and of course the most risky of all, flying the -made in America – Canadian flag upside-down. Susie’s husband and father of 3 was, as she predicted in her good judgment, safe as a baby in mom’s bosom.

Next year I’m taking your three boys sailing!

Captain Noah, Isola Favignana, Sicily, June 2015.