A True Story

10:45: I was boarded by a mixed group of American and Italian rebels, escorted by well trained child solders._MG_925011:00: The one they call “Josh” ordered me to take them to a nearby terrorist training beach._MG_926512:00: It has become obvious that the one called Josh is NOT the leader. The leader is a vicious 5 year old called Scarlett._MG_9602Scarlett has a permanently attached bodyguard they call “MOM”._MG_951512:15: Arrive at beach, forced to put down anchor.

12:30: Group seizes Esodo’s gennaker halyard and commences military training “water bombing”_MG_932213:00: The one they call “Josh” prepares crude meal for soldiers._MG_942514:00: Child soldiers seized my paddle-board for aggressive core training._MG_963614:30: Child soldiers don pirate mask and force me to take photos for their terrorist web videos_MG_957414:45: Child soldier injured in training exercise._MG_971315:00: Was ordered to pull-up anchor and sail back to a secret base located close to where I was boarded in the morning._MG_927117:00: Group unceremoniously departed Esodo and threatens to come back next year.

17:01: I turn on engine and motored away as fast as possible.

The end

Captain Awesome, Aeolian Islands, Sept 2015

(see below, a billion images. They are all so good I found it hard to eidt them down)