Peter Fudakowski won an Oscar Award in 2006 for his film Tsotsi, however when aboard ESODO none of his land-based honors afford him the respect he likely feels deserving. His nick-name “FRUIT” was delivered to him while we scouted together on the Yangste River early in the 1st decade of 2000 – it was there that I discovered all men over 50 inconveniently travel with bags of fruit (that goes for my father too).

Peter received a 9/10 on the guest rating; his one point deduction is mainly due to his pompous British accent. Not his fault, but still….

Our best boat story is the night we heard the sound of Esodo “leaking”. We searched the boat with our ears for hours trying to locate the source of the leak, however we found no sign of water and oddly the sound of leaking was ALL OVER. Jumping to the worst possible conclusion we assumed the entire hull was in a state of delamination. Eventually, at 3am, we went to sleep – figuring full delamination would take a day or so – the next morning the sound mysteriously disappeared.

I called a boat buddy and told him the story of the impending delamination only to be told what we thought was imminent disaster was actually the sound of nocturnal coral activity….ooppps! I’m sure the insurance company is happy to hear this news 🙂

Peter had such a great experience on Esodo that he subsequently went on to get his skipper’s license and now fancies himself as my equal.