Esodo’s maiden voyage was out of my launch port of Lavagna, Italy. My great buddy and Natgeo photographer, Justin Guarigila joined me for the momentous occasion.

Quick note- the reason I’m looking deadly white in the below pics is due to a poor choice in sun protection cream.

Justin only gets a 5/10 on the guest rating scale. Mostly cuz he brought his marathon training schedule to the boat which included running 3-4 hours a day (on land), eating 5,000 calories every 12 hours – meaning he ate all the food onboard, used all the cooking gas and spent all his non-running time cooking in the galley.

On top of all this he would come back from a run LATE and lay on my new sofa cushions with his sweaty post-run body.

And to make maters worse, this accomplished Natgo photographer needed to be nagged to take photos of me.

By the end of the 4 day maiden voyage to La Spezia Justin and I weren’t even talking.

Despite the conflict we managed have a great adventure which included being shot at with a canon during an Italian military exercise, extreme heeling and great sailing.

Justing and I will always be friends but I plan to hobble him before his next visit to ESODO 🙂