If you’re not familiar with the term – old Beijing people – it’s a commonly used Chinese expression to describe someone who has been in Beijing for a longtime, like a local. Also known by the following: sadist, self-harming, masochist…or just plain insane! (I know, I did it for 18 years)

My fellow Beijing inmates of over 20 years now, Andy Friend and Caroline Nath all happened to be in Sicily last week (with family in tow). Caroline serendipitously caught a posting of mine and wechat-ed me. They drove from the East coast to the West and then hopped a ferry to spend a day playing on Esodo.

We had perfect weather, no jellyfish and awesome wind!

Esodo has hosted children before (like Pomme from the posting “Women and Rocks”) but not octogenarians – never mind two of them – and they were awesome to have onboard!  Caroline’s dad is an old sea dog and educated me on the old ways -before Bose speakers and Spotify playlists – can you imagine? He recited a song to help one remember how to enter and exit a port based on the well established RED and GREEN channel markers. I forgot the song… and how to read the markers. Note to self…read up on that!

It was a rambunctious day, spending more time in the water than out. Shanti and Omi (Caroline’s fantastic kids) are basically fish, however they both got a little sea sick by the end of the day – Shanti managed to suppress her nausea till we were about 20 meters from port, after which she ceremoniously – and in view of the town-folk – “dropped anchor”…but in the most elegant way, as only Shanti can ;-).

After knowing Andy and Caroline for well over a decade this is the first time we’ve had opportunity to hangout like this. Was a real treat for all of us.

Captain Noah, Sardinia, Italy. July, 2015.