Blessed to have my brother Henry onboard for a few days, as well as my great friend and fellow China-hand Aaron Shershow and his friend Li.

Aaron — a 10 star guest — took full control of cooking and all kitchen duties, which is always a relief to the endless captain duties I need to attend to. Sailing the Aeolian Islands for 4 days, we swam, cooked, and chilled. The highlight was our visit to Vulcano Island’s bubbling sulfur vents on the shore, and the mud bath just inside the coast.

Henry and I both got carried away and got sulfur infused mud in our eyes. After an hour of suffering we finally took the advice of a local Italian man and squeezed lemon in our eyes — the most counter intuitive thing you will ever do! Regardless, it fucking worked and our excruciating pain was neutralized.






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