The 50 shades of Captain Bob

Had the great fortune of spending a half-day with captain Bob Findlay and his 47.5 foot FAEM today, here in Mljet. Croatia.

Bob is my stem-cell – all this sailing business started on FAEM in 2012. After only four days sailing with Bob and his motley crew in Italy I knew this was an obsession I could stay obsessed with. One year later I bought my own boat, I’m currently halfway into my fourth season and still chasing the dragon.

I learned how to RAFT today, that’s when two boats are roped together at the beam. This is how it works:

Under rigid instructions from Captain Bob, I pulled down my sails exposing my bare mast, gliding through the moist silky blue waters, I slipped up next to FAEM’s exposed port side from behind and then slowly but gently let the wind blow me to her, once alongside her Bob and his mate lashed my bow and my stern and tied me up firmly – no, this is not a porn, you sick degenerate bastards, this is RAFTING!

Anyway, the RAFTING thing is great fun, it’s like joining two tables for dinner at a restaurant…but with big boats instead.

Looking forward to fifty more shades of yachting with Bob and crew next summer in Greece. Always a pleasure and a gift to meet up with friends on boats.

Captain Awesome, Mljet, Croatia August 8th, 2016.