Just finished this most excellent read about Sir Francis Chichester's solo circumnavigation of the globe! A huge page turner for me; Chichester braved forces that lower human life to that of a microbe on the kitchen counter. His herculean endeavor was undertaken at the ripe age of 65 and at a time (… [more]

The story of a young couple who, without any prior sailing experience, decide one night over too many drinks that they are going to sail around the world. One year later they are bobbing around in the Bahamas on a thirty-five foot catamaran teaching themselves how to cross oceans in a small boat. Al… [more]

The America’s Cup, first awarded in 1851, is the oldest trophy in international sports, and one of the most hotly contested. In 2000, Larry Ellison, co-founder and billionaire CEO of Oracle Corporation, decided to run for the coveted prize and found an unlikely partner in Norbert Bajurin, a car radi… [more]

  My personal sailing hero. He lived for nothing but the sea. Great read. Bernard Moitessier (10 April 1925 – 16 June 1994) was a renowned French yachtsman and author of books about his voyages and sailing. In 1968 Moitessier participated in the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, which woul… [more]

Robin Lee Graham (born March 5, 1949) is an American sailor. He set out to sail around the world alone as a teenager in the summer of 1965. National Geographic Magazine ( Oct. '68, April '69, Oct. '70) carried the story, and he co-wrote a book, titled Dove, detailing his journey. Before beginning… [more]