It’s the age old question. Does size matter?

When it comes to anchoring I’m going to say YES.

Last season I suffered from being too small. With only 50 meters of chain I found myself unable to anchor wherever I wanted, sometimes spending a windy night with only a 3:1 ratio of scope. (the higher the ratio, the higher the scope, the safer the boat).

This year I added an additional 30 meters of rope to my chain.

My “enlargement” came at the skillful hands of my talented friend, Massimiliano. Max’s large belly is only exceeded by the size of his enormous heart and generosity.

Max is a professional sail trimmer on the racing boat Sagola and his rope skills are impeccable.

One thing I love about sailing is the old school analog skills that are as important today as they were back in the 50/50s (my term for the age of sailing where you had a 50/50 chance of getting to where you were going).

Below is a very small photo essay of Max weaving the rope into the anchor chain.

If this weave ever fails we all know who is to blame 😉

Captain Noah, Sardinia, Italy. July, 2015.