It seems to me that I see more plastic in the ocean than marine animals. It’s as if plastic has become part of the biologlical succession process; an agressive new speciese dominating the seas. It’s as pervasive as poor teenage judgment.

In a modest attempt to help solve the problem, this summer Esodo and her guests have – when safe to do so – took time to fish-out floating surface plastic from the Mediterranean. Not only was it easy and fun, but often I felt disapointed when we couldn’t find any plastic to recover.

If everyone – skipper, captain, crew, fisherman, swimmer, suntanner – just took a few seconds to pick up some plastic, we would be half way to having cleaner oceans.

Below is a small montage of items salvaged from the summer.

Watch out 2016 plastic, we are coming for you in 8 months!

Captain Awesome, Ravenna, Sept 2015.